A Letter to My Alumni and Friends

Dear alumni and friends,

       In November 2015, coincided with the school held its 15th anniversary celebration, the competent department and the social from all walks of life, under the care, support and help of Education Development Foundation of Shanghai Jian Qiao University(SJQU)  to complete the preparation, formally established.

       Education Development Foundation of SJQU is committed to strengthening the cooperation of the contact with people from all walks of life, to mobilize and rely on the alumni, the social from all walks of life force to donate, through various channels to increase education funding, support and promote the development of education undertakings. Its main role is to be responsible for the management and operation of social from all walks of life to accept, donated funds, support school teaching, scientific research and other research projects and the construction of infrastructure, reward excellent teachers in teaching, scientific research, encourage and provide excellent and poor students, is advantageous to education according to the donors career development programs.

     We warmly welcome all alumni, school teachers and students, and enthusiastic education man of insight from all walks of life care and support the foundation work, each offer help.

     If you have the willingness to support our education career, please contact us:

     Education Development Foundation of SJQU 

     Mr.Wang Bangyong

     Tel: 0086-21-58139610

     Fax: 0086-21-58137900

     E-mail: bgs@gench.edu.cn