A Brief Introduction of SJQU

Shanghai Jian Qiao University (SJQU),  is one of the most famous private universities in China, a private university for non-profit, funded by Shanghai Jian Qiao Group, was established in 2000. SJQU is a full-time university of higher learning with undergraduate education as its mainline. The university was entitled to grant the Bachelor Degree and Associate Bachelor Degree, which were approved by China's Ministry of Education.

Under the charge of the president and the leadership of the board, the university, with teaching as pivotal task, cultivates innovative talents with practical skills catering for the field through close cooperation with business and enterprises.

Located in Lin-gang Special Area with great traffic convenience by subway and the University covers an area of 65 hectares and has beautiful campus and advanced facilities. It is indeed a modern garden-like university.

SJQU is a young, energetic and dynamic university. After more than 20 years of fast development, it has become one of the leading private universities in China. It is composed of 14 colleges, namely Business School, College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, College of Journalism and Communication, College of Art Design, College of Foreign Languages, College of Information Technology, College of Jewelry, College of Health Management, College of Education, International Design College and Vocational College.There are totally about 60,000 students graduated from the school so far and more than 24,460 full-time students enroll at present.

In May 2022, SJQU ranked third in the ranking of private universities in China released by the China Alumni Association.

In order to cultivate our students with global vision and capacity of cross-cultural communication, SJQU has established close cooperation and exchange with many foreign colleges and universities from the United States of America, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, etc..

(Updated March 2023)