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SJQU Holds the 2023 May Fourth Excellent Evaluation and Commendation Conference


Xie Wanying

On the afternoon of May 4th, the 2023 May Fourth Commendation Conference of SJQU was held in the auditorium. The theme of this conference is learning from the 20th National Congress and always following the Party on the new journey of progress. All school leaders, functional department heads, leaders from the secondary colleges, representatives of teachers and students attended this conference. The deputy director of the Student Affairs Office and Secretary of the Youth League Committee presided over the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, vice president Chen Wei announced the commendation decision. The conference commended the May Fourth Special Youth League Committee, Outstanding Youth League Secretary, May Fourth Special Youth League Branch, Outstanding Youth League Cadres and Outstanding Youth League Members of SJQU in 2022.

Jiang Yanqiao, the Secretary of the School Party Committee, delivered a keynote speech. He first expressed warm congratulations on behalf of the school party committee to the advanced collectives and individuals who were commended. Jiang stated that the youth is a vibrant and promising advanced group, and a trustworthy and promising young generation. Times are different, but youth comes down in one continuous line. The youth should go hand in hand with Chinese path to modernization and strive to promote the great cause of national rejuvenation.

Jiang finally raised three hopes to students: first, the youth should firmly follow the Party, inherit glorious traditions, continue the red blood, integrate life ideals into the cause of the country and the nation, and strive to become a new generation worthy of the great task of national rejuvenation; Second, the youth should work hard and shoulder responsibilities bravely, water dreams with sweat, uphold responsibilities on the new journey of comprehensively building a socialist modernized country, and fulfill youthful mission with practical actions; The third is to strive for innovation and excellence, seize the golden learning period of university to grow knowledge and talent through learning, transform knowledge into ability, and then transform ability into creation through practical activities, and finally contribute to the country with intelligence and intelligence, and serve society with pioneering spirit.