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Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Chen Qun and his delegations investigated SJQU


Journalist  Bai Yang (白扬)

    On April 9th, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal Chen Qun came to SJQU for the investigation, accompanied by Gu Jinshan,Deputy Secretary-General of the municipal government, and Jiang Hong, Inspector of the Shanghai  Municipal Education Commission.

     Chairman of the Board Zhou Xingzeng, President Zhu Ruiting, SJQU Secretary of the Party Committee Jiang Yanqiao,Vice Chairman of the Board Huang Qingyun, Vice President Yu Xiaoguang, General office of Shanghai Municipal Government and Relevant Departments of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission attended the investigation activities.

     Accompanied by Zhou Xingzeng and Zhu Ruiting, Chen Qun and hisdelegations visited the College of Art Design Institute 2019 graduation design exhibition, Internet and intelligent manufacturing 2025 innovation practice base, Lei Feng Pavilion and other places successively.

 Ge Hongbo, Vice President of the graduate design exhibition hall of the College of Art Design, introduced the major setting and the employment situation of students.After listening to the introduction, Chen Qun said, the information is very important to us. The country has just held a teleconference on vocational education reform, which has made arrangements for vocational education.

     In the innovation and practice base of Internet and intelligent manufacturing 2025, Xu Fangqin, director of the Academic Affairs Office, introduced the exploration and practice of the university based on the concept of OBE, implementing the integration of industry and education, and cultivating application-oriented talents through in-depth cooperation between the university and the enterprise. Chen Qun visited the base construction and watched the demonstration of intelligent manufacturing project. “Is this checked manually? “Chen Qun asked the teachers who were demonstrating on the spot about intelligent manufacturing. We are realizing Internet and intelligent manufacturing through Internet control, teachers answer questions. That's pretty impressive, Mayor Chen said.

     Chen Qun came to SJQU Leifeng Exhibition. Assistant president Chen Wei, introduced the learning activities of Leifeng in our school. He was aware that our school took the training of practical, diligent, dedicated and Leifeng-style college students as its talent training goal. Chen Qun frequently nodded his head and expressed his approval.Is this gold medal pure gold? Chen Qun asked. “We will make the medals bigger and more refined, and the students who won the Lei Feng Award will use the medals as treasures, because it is more of an honor” said Zhou Xingzeng, Chairman of the Board.During the visit, Mayor Chen watched Lei Feng's stories before the exhibition.

     At the ensuing symposium, Zhu Ruiting reported on the development of SJQU, the concept of running a school, the conditions of running a school, the scale of running a school and the training of talents.Zhou Xingzeng reported on the policy dilemma facing the development of schools and hoped that the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government would show their concern and support. Reporting with the school leaders on their respective responsibilities.

     Chen qun acknowledged the achievements of our school in the past 19 years and appreciated the educational feelings of chairman Zhou Xingzeng.SJQU is a university with its own characteristics. The quality has been recognized by the society, and the reputation of the school has been continuously improved.The Law on the Promotion of Private Education aims to further promote the development of private education and Loosen the bondage for private education.Shanghai has taken the first step in the classified management of private education. The Municipal Government will continue to care about supporting the development of private education and create conditions and support for the development of private education.Chen Qun emphasized that at present, the state is vigorously developing vocational education, and the students trained by SJQU have achieved full employment. He hoped that the school would adhere to the orientation of the University of Applied Technology and connect with the economic and social development of the service areas, so as to make greater contributions to Shanghai.