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The 2017 “Excellence Cup” English Talent Competition of SJQU


On the evening of December 20th, along with the fabulous performance presented by jazz dance squad, the 2017 “Excellence Cup” English talent competition of Shanghai Jian Qiao University final, which is held by dubbing club of Foreign Languages School, took place in the auditorium.

After preliminary contest which included dubbing and public speech, 5 teams entered the final. Final awards were given according to their performances on the stage drama, English speech and talents show.

During the section of the stage drama, “Triumph”, “No.1”, “Justice League” and “3500” gave the performances of <<The Merchant of Venice>>, <<Destiny>>, <<Southeast the Peacock Flies>>, <<Beauty and The Beast>> and<< Class Break>> respectively.

In <<The merchant of Venice>>, actors and actresses immersed themselves into the show, presenting a vivid picture that allowed the audience to feel the insularity of Shylock and the brilliance as well as courage of Portia, also, a sharp contradiction between the humanism and altruism existing in the society at that time.

Destiny is always fickle, it brings about not only elation but agony. Similarly, <<Destiny>> was presented superbly in a humorous way and known for its intricate storyline, indicating that English plays a significant role in destiny. The classic “Chinglish” at the beginning has been praised widely, as it made the audience felt that as though they were also in the show.

The miserable love story between Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lanzhi has been widely spread since ancient times. “Cheers” presented the traditional Chinese love story <<Southeast the Peacock Flies>> in another language, bring about a deep feeling to the audience.

In the world-famous <<Beauty and The Beast>>, aside from traditional performance, “Justice League” showed their ingenuity by letting actor and actress played a reversed role. The entire audience kept screaming due to the unexpected plot.

The English stage drama <<The Big Bang Theory>> brought by English drama club of Foreign Languages School was a huge success.

During the section of English speech which set up “Building The Bridge of Yourself” as the theme, contestants told us how to build the bridge of life in their own ways, including talking about the past experiences or explaining philosophies.

(section of English Speech)

After first two sections, “Cheers”, “3500” and “Justice League” came to the final round, competing in talents show. They gave wonderful performances of <<you belong with>>, <<The Lion King>> and <<Creep and if you>>. Eventually, “Cheers”won the special prize, the first prize was given to “3500”, “League” took the second prize, at last, the third prize was awarded to “Triumph” and“No.1”.

(talents show)

The vice president and deputy secretary of Party Committee Xia Yu, deputy director of President Office Xu Haogang, deputy secretary of Foreign Affairs Office Liang Yuequan, deputy secretary of Youth League Committee Gao Ya, vice dean of Foreign Languages School Wang Haiyan, deputy secretary of General Party Branch Li Lei, director of Student Affairs Office Xu Wei and relevant teachers of Foreign Languages Schools were present.