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2018 New Year Greetings: Let us embrace a new era and embark on a new expedition.


    As the first hint of sun is creasing the horizon on the first day of 2018, the epoch-making year of 2017 marks a successful ending. We have ushered in another new year of the great new era. On this festive occasion, we would like to extend our sincere new year greetings to all staff and students, alumni who are striving towards success across the country and people from all circles who have been supporting and paying attention to the development of Shanghai Jian Qiao University for a long time on behalf of the school board and the party and government bodies.

In 2017, due to the solidarity and perseverance of all staff and students, SJQU kept the momentum of a sound and stable development. Meanwhile, remarkable achievements on all kinds of aspects were made as followed: the program of “excellent SJQU” was carried out orderly; connotation construction reached a higher level; on the rankings of private universities released by i.e., Chinese alumni network, SJQU ranked the twelfth in China and the first in Shanghai which saw a gradual development; campus civilization construction reaped significant rewards; the first Lei Fen museum in Shanghai is officially opened on campus; the application of title “national civilized unit” passed the review and acceptance check smoothly; our students won the championship of Shanghai Campus Basketball League Cup and competed aggressively in many and various major competitions, thus bringing glory for school.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered into a new era. As a result, education becomes the priority and foundation of the new era. Every educator undertakes not only glorious missions but heavy responsibilities. The 19th national congress regards one of the basic contradictions of the society as the fact that private education has provided new development opportunities. Essential features of China’s social development as well as educational development are imbalance and insufficiency. In order to meet people’s ever-growing needs of a better life, diversity and selectivity should be taken into consideration in education which are exactly the important characteristics of private education. In the future, private education can and must accomplish great deeds.

<<Implementary suggestions in regard to stimulation of the sound development of private education by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government>> and <<management methods of classified license registration of private schools in Shanghai>> have been officially enacted, marking that Shanghai private education will be stepping into a new stage of development. The new stage forebodes more new challenges as well as new opportunities. We should stay alert all the time with senses of mission, responsibility and urgency of the new era. Moreover, more onerous and strenuous efforts must be made to address new problems effectively and seize new opportunities, thus writing a new chapter of the development of SJQU.

2018 is the first year to carry out the guiding principles of the 19th congress as well as a crucial year for SJQU to implement the 13th five-year plan by playing an role of inheriting the past and ushering in the future. Under the leadership of ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new Xi Jin Ping, we should remain true to our original aspirations and remember the mission of building the “bridge”. Furthermore, it is time for us to exert ourselves to make contributions to the progress and development of SJQU, accelerating the process of becoming a nationally first-class university.

In 2018, let us sail trough fierce wind and rogue waves like a hurtling stallion; let us look into the distance of the sea and strive for a bright future.

Chairman / Zhou Xingzeng

President /  Zhu Ruiting

Secretary of CPC Committee of SJQU / Jiang Yanqiao