Character Introduction

Zheng Xiangzhan, Vice President



Zheng Xiangzhan, the vice president of Shanghai Jian Qiao University, was born in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province in February 1957, who was a NPC member of 2nd and 3rd People’s Congress of the former Nanhui and 4th and 5th People’s Congress of Pudong New Area. Zheng got a Master of Business Management from Shanxi University in 2003. During 1976 to 1999he had working as the Plant Director of Zhejiang Yueqing Ad Gong Mine Electrical Factory and Hua Nan Switch Factory, the General Manager of No. 11 Company of Zhejiang Tian Zheng Group Corporation, and the Deputy General Manager of Power Equipment Corporation of Tian Zheng Group. Since 1999, Zheng had been serving in Shanghai Jian Xiao (Holdings) Ltd. as the Deputy Chairman, EVP and President. Later, he began to work in Shanghai Jian Qiao University as the Deputy Chairman of the Board, vice President and CFO.