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School Leaders Inspect The First Semester of The New Semester


Journalist  Duan Chaoyu (段朝雨)

On the morning of February 25th, our school ushered in the first lesson of the new semester. President Zhu Ruiting, Party Secretary Jiang Yanqiao, Vice President Zhou Jianer, Zheng Xiangzhan, Xia Yu, Yu Xiaoguang, and Assistant Principal Chen Wei went to the teaching area and the colleges areas to inspect the first class of school to understand the overall teaching operation of the new semester.

During the inspection, the school leaders visited the teaching building, laboratory, training room, computer room, multimedia classroom, voice room and other venues to understand the arrangement and use of the equipment and the operation of the entire teaching environment, while paying attention to the students returning to school and the situation of attendance, etc.. From the beginning of the first day of school, the campus environment is clean and tidy, the teaching order is orderly, the spirit of the students is positive, the teachers are on time, and the teaching atmosphere is active and harmonious, showing us a good and scholastic appearance.

It is reported that in order to ensure the normal teaching order of the new semester, on the eve of the school, our school has checked and debugged the multimedia teaching equipment and multimedia teaching system one by one, and the classroom, language room, computer room, laboratory and other facilities are in place. Relevant departments deploys the new semester start-up work and teaching work in advance, and the Asset Management Office closely follows the project tracking of the second-phase student apartments and teaching buildings. The second-level college also planed and arranged the teaching environment and the image display of the department during the holidays. Under the concerted efforts of all parties, it is ensured that all the work of our school starts in an orderly manner.

The heads of the relevant departments of the General Office, Personnel Office, Academic Affairs Office, and Student Office are accompanied by inspections.