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High school principals from Republic of Korea and kazakhstan visited our school


Journalist  Qiu Huili(仇慧丽)

On November 19, President of Republic of Korea high school of art, President of Republic of Korea daejeon dasong high school and President of kazakhstan almaty state school of service and technology visited our school. President Zhu Ruiting met with guests at library S417 Meeting Room. Hyung Suk, Kim, dean of Intermark International Design College; Xu Fangqin, dean of the office of academic affairs; xu haogang, deputy director of the school office; liang Yuequan, deputy director of the office of foreign exchange, accompanied and received them.

First of all, President zhu ruiting introduced our school's geography, department construction, talent cultivation and other aspects. Zhu said that as a cultural capital, Shanghai attaches great importance to cultural creativity industries. Our school also make much account of the development of majors about art and boosts international exchanges and cooperation. As a good neighbor and good friend, China would like to see closer cooperation with the rok and kazakhstan and hopes to establish good friendship between students of the two countries. Kim Bo Kyoung, President of the Republic of Korea high school of art, said he was very glad to send students to a larger platform and he hopes our cooperation will enter a new stage as soon as possible. Chun Inkwon, President of daejeon dasong senior high school in Republic of Korea, said that it is a great honor to establish such a friendship with Shanghai Jian Qiao University. He hoped that we can cooperate happily.

 Zharkyn Zhaniyazova, President of kazakhstan's almaty state college of service and technology,said that Shanghai is a dream city,I hope we can cultivate excellent students. Subsequently, The three high schools reached strategic cooperation agreements with our school.

    After the meeting, the President's delegation visited the Japanese scene classroom, computing center, pottery and printmaking studio, jewelry design studio, journalism studio and other studios of the school of art and design.