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Students Sing for Youth of Campus Singing Party of Shanghai Universities


Journalist  Duan Chaoyu (段朝雨)

    On November 19th, “Sing For Youth– Students' Campus Singing Party of Shanghai Universities” was held at Fudan University.  Remember the mission of the times, sing the melody to the youth—The excellent original songs launched by the campus song creation activities were sung in Shanghai.

  This party is divided into two major links: sing and chorus. More than 200 students from SJQU have participated in with other 15 universities, and interacted with songs in a series of songs. Our school's “Uniting the manual” pushed the party to a climax and was well received by everyone. In addition, 50 students from our university choir team also collaborated with Shanghai University of Applied Sciences and Shanghai Shanda University to sing youth melody and release youthful dreams with the original song “Today and Tomorrow”.

  The students who participated in the Lager team came from the Youth League Committee of SJQU snd the Student Union. Busy student cadres took the initiative to practice after the end of the self-study every evening. During the party, students must return from Fudan University, the rehearsal venue that is more than 80 kilometers away from our university. Sometimes, the end of the township is close to the morning, in order not to affect the rehearsal of the next day, everyone spontaneously set up a get up the supervision team to prevent partners from oversleeping to affect the rehearsal. 

   In addition, the  original song Today and Tomorrow of the  choir team of SJQU and other universities also left a deep impression on everyone. In the half-month period, students and teachers altogether produced the scores, trained the voice department, and practiced the four-part , only to show the style of SJQU. 

   It is understood that Students' Campus Singing Party is the second performance after the first one held in Qinghua University in May this year. The song will be hosted by the Propaganda Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department and the Department of Education, the Propaganda Department of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work Committee, and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The song will be broadcast on the Central Radio and Television General Station and Shanghai Radio and Television.