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Our school held a Safety Education Lecture for foreign students.


Journalist  Bai Yang(Yolanda)

Editor  Xu Lingfeng

    In order to enhance the safety and self-protection awareness of foreign students, on the afternoon of September 20, our school invited foreign affairs police officer to speech a safe education lecture for them. Foreign students from the International Design College, Jewelry College and Business School attended this lecture. Liang Yuequan, the deputy director of International Exchange office also attended the lecture.

    At the lecture, the police officer lectured the foreign students on traffic safety, visa residence, public security. The students listened to the lecture carefully and said that they would obey the laws and regulations of China and the rules of the university.

   In addition, in order to solve the accommodation issue, the logistics dormitory administrators explained the clothing cleaning, room cleaning institution to the foreign students.

   In order to let the foreign students to get familiar with and adapt to the abroad studying lives, our school held the entrance education at the first week. Meanwhile, our school makes sure that the foreign students know the laws and regulations of China and the rules of university so that we can fully protect the study and life of them at school.