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Shanghai Jian Qiao University and Myongji University Have Signed An Agreement of Cooperation


By  Duan Chaoyu

    On May 18th, SJQU signed a cooperation agreement with Korea's Myongji University. Zhou Xingzeng, chairman of SJQU Group and president of Myongji University Yu Bingchen, are on behalf of the two schools respectively. The two parties reached broad consensus on cooperation in school construction, talents training, and Weiqi teaching, after which they conducted full exchanges and discussions on future cooperation models and areas of cooperation.

    The exchanges and cooperation between SJQU and Myongji University were carried out under the backdrop of the warming of relations between China and South Korea. At the 7th Summit of three parties China, Japan and South Korea on May 10th, Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed that China, Japan and South Korea fully tap the cultural connotations of the three countries, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in culture, education, tourism, media and other fields, promote spiritual exchanges, and expand personnel exchanges. At this time, it coincided with the preparation of the Weiqi professional in our school. After in-depth research, our school met with the Myongji University and quickly received a warm response.

    At the signing ceremony, Chairman Zhou Xingzeng stated that the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two parties is of far-reaching significance and that the bridge of cooperation and friendship between the two sides has been established through Weiqi. It is hoped that through the efforts of both parties, the road to cooperation will be wider and wider, and the journey will be longer and longer.

    Known as a comprehensive brand-name private university founded in 1948, Myongji University ranks about thirty in South Korea and about ten in Seoul. The school has a total of 9 single colleges, 45 departments. There are 47 master's degree programs and 37 doctoral degree programs in Myongji University. There are 20 subjects in the Master's degree, and there are nearly 26,000 students in the school. With the establishment of the Weiqi professional in 1997 and the establishment of a full-time Weiqi undergraduate education program, Myongji University has the right to grant master's and doctoral degrees. It is the first institution of higher education in the world to set up the Weiqi professional and has an extensive influence throughout the world.