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Shanghai Jian Qiao University Welcomes 2017 New students


By   Duan  Chaoyu  (Chinese:段朝雨)

  On 9th September, the opening ceremony was grandly held in school gymnasium, which was hosted by President Pan Yingjie. Gathered at the ceremony included over 5000 new students from all over the nation and among them are 21 foreign students.

  At the beginning of ceremony, President Pan welcomed the new students cordially and then introduced the history of SJQU. The most impressive words from President Pan read “Through seventeen-year development, though our university is youthful, it carries energy, vitality and hope.” He also puts that every student in SJQU can receive the best education from the four-year study.

  Some of the new students may be confronted with obstacles when they step into university campus life, but President Pan comforted them with his inspiring words. Concentrating on the students’ future life, with the increasing development of society, President Pan wishes that they new students especially shine their eyes and and never are eager for quick success and instant benefits.

  President Pan compared every stage of life to a button, and is tightly interlocked by each one. The first button that new students should fasten is to be adapted in campus life and study. Learning how to dispose of stuff, how to be human beings, how to study and how to interact with others are the most four buttons that all the new students need to fasten.