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College of Jewelry convened a colloquium of Shanghai Gem Expert Committee


By   Duan  Chaoyu  (Chinese:段朝雨)

  The colloquium of Shanghai Gem Expert Committee was called in Lan Sheng Mansion on August 25, and headmaster of Shanghai Jianqiao University Pan Yingjie attended this colloquium and addressed. Presenting at the colloquium was the members from Shanghai Gem Expert Committee. President Li Mu reported the current situation of jewelry major and then charted the course for the next promotion. Vice-president Chen Yu introduced the operation condition of gem trading center and accompanied attendees to pay a visit to the Jewelry Bonded Exhibition.

  Mr. Pan put that although there is a growing increase of jewelry industry in Shanghai and the trading platform is increasingly perfect, there are drawbacks on design and cultivating. Shanghai Jianqiao University has been contributing to compensating for these disadvantages, and in June this year, the major of gem and material technology was rated as the experimental specialty of Shanghai. He also anticipated the present experts and enterprisers being involved in specialty construction more, and dedicating themselves to training more professionals in jewelry area.