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International students attended Chinese Go Class this summer vacation


By   Duan  Chaoyu  (Chinese:段朝雨)

  SJQU held the Chinese Go Class from July 31 to August 29, during which 16 students aroud the world such as German, England,Vietnam etc. took part in this activity. Huang Peilin and Huang Lu from Shanghai Go Circles and Calligrapghy Circles attended the opeing ceremony.

  This activity was sponsored by Shanghai Education Commmission, undertaken by SJUQ. The studying target includes seminar curriculum, quality development and session learning, among which the seminar curriculum is classifyied as Chinese Go, traditional Chinese Ink Wash Painting and Chinese Calligraphy. During the period, students not only learned the compulsory curriculum but visited the famous resorts in Shanghai like Lu Jiazui, Town God Temple, Zhu JIajiao and so on. In addition, they went to Hangzhou to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Xihu Lake and Ling Ying Temple.

   They realized the unique Chinese culture glamor profoundly through the one-month studying and culture experiencing. They read the local customs and practices with their eys, evenly competed with those children who are professional. What theyve learned from books is superficial after all, its crucial to have it pesonally tested somehow. At the graduation ceremony, Pan Yingjie, headmasted from SJQU congratulated them on finishing their studying and anticipated they can be the Chinese traditional culture envoys. Members from this activity signified their apiration and are willing to have more foreigners learn about Chinese traditional culture.