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Shanghai Disney resort area held cooperation with business school of Jian Qiao University


   By   Duan  Chaoyu  (Chinese:段朝雨)

    On June 15, the opening ceremony was held grandly in Shanghai Jian Qiao University. This ceremony was attended by Xu Lin, the manager of Shanghai Disney resort area and the president of SJQU Pan Yingjie, vice president Zhou Jianer and other school officers.     

      President Pan put that we were building a broad platform for undergraduates to display themselves, which will provide them with more employment opportunities and also enable those graduates have access to the world’s top brand enterprise. Later, manager Xu Lin addressed upon corporation culture, human resources management mode and the mode of university-enterprise cooperation activities.

  Vice president Zhou Jianer further put forward several cooperation targets on the university-enterprise cooperation projects. And the Walt Disney company will provide training, internship and employment base for the undergraduates in our university. 

  At the end of ceremony, student representative from the tourism management interacted and communicated with manager Xu upon career development plan, present post demand and requirement, part-time jobs and internship students training and so on.


President Pan Yingjie is delivering a speech

  Manager Xu Lin is delivering a speech

  Guests and representatives of school leaders and teachers are taking photos.