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SJQU holds 8th Undergraduate Commencement


 By  Duan  Chaoyu(Chinese:段朝雨)

      Shanghai Jian Qiao University held the 8th Undergraduate Commencement and granted degrees to  graduates in the Class of 2017 ceremoniously. The officers of school Zou Xingzeng, Pan Yingjie, Jiang Yanqiao, Huang Qingyun, Zhou Jianer, Zheng Xiangzhan, Jiang Weiyi, Zhu Tingrui, Yu Xiaoguang, Chen Wei and members of Degree Committee were seated on the front row. Additionally, board of directors, representatives of former leaders, faculty and parents attended this commencement. Zhou Jianer, associate director of Degree Committee and vice-president, presided over this commencement.

        The Commencement opened at Conferring of Degrees Ceremony. Information Technology College, Electrical and Mechanical College, Communication and Journalism College, Foreign Language College, business College, Art Institute of Design and Gemmological Institute were present at this ceremony, and heads of each college reported to president Pan on graduation and degrees granted status. President Pan, on behalf of SJQU, announced to those who were qualified to graduate and granted them the Bachelor’s Degree as well as commended the outstanding graduates in the Class of 2017. Meanwhile, vice-presidents Zheng Xiangzhan and Zhu Tingrui represented SJQU to accept saplings donated from some graduates.

       Li Dan, on behalf of graduates in the Class of 2017 from Communication and Journalism College, addressed the graduates on recalling the good time of college life and how the spirit of Lei Feng influenced her deeply. She also wished that all the graduates stayed true to the original self and made themselves better than what anyone else thought.

     Li Lei, head of English Department in College of Foreign Languages on behalf of faculty, looked back every wonderful moment from when a freshman entered this college to when a man graduates from it and paces into society to start a new journey whilst citing the verse of Qu Yuan “The way ahead is long; I see no ending, yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbendingly to encourage every graduate.

    Zhou Zhenzhen, the representative of alumni, recalled the splendid moments when he studied in SJQU, sharing that journalism he majored in has been playing in his life and career journey. His own experiences have corroborated that every effort will pay off. He also wished every junior could embark on a new chapter of life and forge an era of their own.

   President Pan Yingjie congratulated to those who completed their education successfully. He put forward his hope to graduates in the Class of 2017 and exhorted them to be a man of perseverance and benevolence who can bear in mind their original intention. He also expected that not only would every graduate shine in their own fields, but they could become a man of filial piety, a friend of loyalty, a citizen of patriotism. Moreover, president Pan admonished them to maintain the good quality of industriousness and perseverance in complicated working environment and learn to thank everyone who has supported you and care for them.

     Chairman Zhou Xingzeng shared his thoughts of infinitepossibilities by saying that one's lifetime is ephemeral, so life appears quite precious. Therefore, life ought to be valued by all of us. Furthermore, continual efforts can be made to add luster to your life. Misery is common in our ephemeral lifeadded Zhou, “only by viewing success properly can it accompany with you.” Zhou also pointed out that success equals merits and virtues, and merits and virtues equal altrusim, which is like building a bridge, paving a road, helping or persuading others, working as a volunteer and so on.Zhou emphasized that there were two elements contributing to be a successful personone is to be a wise man and the other is to learn to volunteer to suffer the loss.The Chinese character  can be concluded as learning more day by day,including learning from the text,  from others and  from practice, and then we can be wise men to do so. Also, in Chinese character, the word “” means one’s heart is pure and soul is innocent as  below it is made up of “彐心”. The character “” above is also composed of “”——meaning two brooms in Chinese culture, one of which stands for firm belief and the other of which symbolizes self introspection. At last, President Zhou admonished all the graduates with his own motto —— to be a good man with kindness-oriented.