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The 5th meeting of the 5th board of directors


On April 15, the 5th meeting of the 5th board of directors held in Room M612. Chairman Zhou Xingzeng hosted the meeting and vice chairman Huang Qingyun, Zheng Xiangzhan, Jiang Weiyi, directors Pan Yingjie, Jiang Yanqiao, Shi Yinjie, Chen Zhiyong, Zhang Jiayu, Zhu Ruiting, Chen Wei attended the meeting. Members of Development Committee Zhou Jianer, Chen Shengfang, Yu Xiaoguang and Wang Bangyong attended meeting too. Representatives of staff Ma Changwei, Song Yanhua, Ma Zhen, student representatives Lei Qiang, Shen Qianqian sat in on the meeting. The topic of this meeting is “problem-oriented, progress steadily”.

President Pan Yingjie gave a report about the phenomenon of the teacher-team construction, the reform of distribution system and the reform of large department of the institutions. Then vice president Zheng Xiangzhan gave a report about 2016-annual financial accounts and the budget of 2017-annual financial. And this meeting considered and adopted the Implementation Method of Teacher Housing Fund of Shanghai Jian Qiao University

During the break time, attendees visited Lei Feng Exhibition and learned the spirit of Lei Feng again.

during the meeting

representatives of students

representatives of staff

Lei Feng Exhibition

group photo