Character Introduction

Vice Professor Xia Yu, Vice President/vice secretary of CPC Committee/Discipline Inspection Commission Secretary/Chairman of the Union



Xia Yu, vice professor, was born in Sichuan in July 1970. joined CPC in 1992. graduated from Mechanical Manufacture Technique and Instrument in Chongqing Institute of industrial management in 1993. then she got master's degree in mechanical engineering at Shanghai University in 2010. during 1993 to 2000served as the counselor and lecture of Metalworking Research Office in Chongqing Engineering Institute. since 2000she worked as the counselor, the secretary of Youth League Committee, secretary of CPC General Branch Party and office director of Information Technology Department, assistant of director of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department, vice director of teaching, party secretary, and vice secretary of CPC Committee in Shanghai Jian Qiao University.