Shanghai Summer School – Chinese Wei Qi Program


Shanghai Summer School – Chinese Wei Qi (The Game of Go) Program is launched by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by Shanghai Jian Qiao University for 4 weeks in summer with 20 participators. This program mainly caters to the university students from Europe and America.

The Game of Go, originated in China, is the earliest form of chess in the world. Playing Go exercises the brain and enhances one’s sense of logic. At the same time, it can also mold a person’s temperament and build up characters of perseverance and calmness. Therefore, the Game of Go has become more and more popular with young people.

Shanghai Jian Qiao University is one of the top private universities in China. The founder and owner of the university, Mr. Zhou Xingzeng is the Vice Chairman of Chinese Association of Wei Qi and the Chairman of Shanghai Association of Wei Qi. He concerns and promotes the Chinese traditional sport of Wei Qi, and is keen on helping European and American Wei Qi lovers learn more about China, about Shanghai, and the Wei Qi culture of Shanghai Jian Qiao University.

The senior and famous Wei Qi players of China will be invited to make the courses design and teach the participators. Not only the courses of the way to Play Wei Qi will be scheduled, but also many cultural courses such as Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Basic Chinese will be provided. At the same time, a series of cultural activities will be organized, including a visit to the Branch Wei Qi Academy of Hangzhou and a match with a group of Chinese children players of Wei Qi.

If you are interested in learning how to play Wei Qi (The Game of Go), please come to Shanghai Jian Qiao University!

Notes: The participation of this program is totally free, and Shanghai Jian Qiao University will be responsible for your boarding and lodging and local transportation during 4 weeks’ study.


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