Professor Hyung Suk, Kim :Dean of International Design College



I, Hyung Suk, Kim have accumulated experience of various related fields in the United States for 15 years. Doing understudies in typography from World well-known artist such as Simon Johnson, Roland Young, and April Greiman etc.

I ranged thoroughly over New Media & Communication, Computer Graphics, Package & Graphic Design, Signage Design, Advertising, Brand Marketing Field, and generalized large practical work experience at GaYa Media Group after returning from the United States, leading the successful launch as Creative Director in the Editorial Media discipline.

While managing the Woosong Multimedia Design Center, I also started to direct the role to integrate New Media with Web Editorial, Web Advertising, and Motion Graphics.

As a Creative Director, I have also experienced in taking charge of Identity Management andconsulting for domestic and foreign companies, products and service brands

Directing Identity Programs for International Corporation along with Environmental Design, & Package Design. In addition to mention above, I have also participated in consulting creative solutions for corporate communications.

Not only participating in design and art directing in various projects based in the United States, as creative director, I also got involved with a variety of Korean projects from design to system implementation. Taking parts in art directing for various projects from corporate design to branding design, environmental design.

2014~Present ,Dean of Intermark International Design College in Shanghai Jian Qiao University.





KAIST; Industrial Design, PH.D

Yonsei University, Marketing

Art Center College of Design (USA)

Graphic and Packaging Design

Communication and New Media, MFA


Art Center College of Design (USA)

Graphic and Packaging Design, BA


SMU, Art Institute of Dallas (USA)

Advertising Communication, BA


Job Experience

2014~Present Dean ofIntermark International Design College in Shanghai Jian Qiao University

2011~Present chosen as a 100 international famous teacher from shanghai government

2011~Present Daejeon city design Committee, Judging Consult member

2011~Present Chungcheong do policy consulting committee, Media Consultant

2011~Present  Communication University of China, Inviting ChairProfessor

2010~Present Korea Leading Brand Evaluation Committee, Evaluation Chairman

2010~Present China CCI steering Committee, Steering Committee Member

2010~Present Seoul Brand Communication Strategy, Consultant

2010~Present Daejeon Metropolitan City Brand Consultant

2010~Present Kwangju Metropolitan Universidad Consultant

2010~Present China Hongwei Graphic Design Corporation, Advisor

2010~Present China Salt & Pepper Design Corporation, Advisor

2009~Present Presidential Consultant of Korea National Branding, Planning Dept

1996~PresentWoosong University, School of Visual Branding Design; Chairman,a headprofessor

1997-2007 Woosong University Brand Marketing Research Institute, Director

2007-Present China Shanghai University, Inviting ChairProfessor

2007-Present China Shanghai TIDA Brand Corporation, Head Consultant

2007-Present China AICI CI Design Corporation Consultant

2007-Present Daejeon Daily Newspaper, Brand Professional Consultant

2006-Present Korean Intellectual Property Government Office, Special Lecturer

2005-2006 Korea Archives of Korea, Brand Consultant

2005-2007 Korea Evaluation Institute of Technology, Judge Member

Asia Society of Art and Science, International Exchange Vice President / 2005-2006,

DaeJeon Railroad, Branding Committee Advisor / 2005-2006

National Intelligence Services, Branding Committee Advisor / 2005-2006

Korean Intellectual Property Office, Branding Committee Advisor & Lecturer / 2006-2007

DaeDuk Special District, Branding Committee Advisor / 2005

Korean Railroad,Management Value Committee Advisor / 2004-2005

Korea Regional Innovation ExhibitionKRICXDeliberation Committee Evaluation Chairman / 2004

Woosong Multimedia Center, Chief Director/ 1996-2006

Sodium Partners Design Company, Corporate Identity & Multimedia Design Director/ 1998-2006

Korean Fine Arts Association, Steering Committee / 2005-2006

Korean Intellectual Property Office, Training Institute Lecturer / 2005-2006

Korea Society of Design Science, International Director / 2002-2004

DaeJeon City,Branding Slogan Committee Advisor / 2003-2004

DaeJeon EXPO Science Park, Committee Advisor / 2002

The Office of Supply, Corporate Identity Committee Advisor / 2003-2004

Korea Photonics Technology Institute, Corporate Identity & Brand Identity Committee Advisor

Deliberation Committee Chairman / 2002-2003

Korea Customs Service, Corporate Identity & Brand Identity Committee Advisor / 2002-2003

Korea Minting & Security Printing Corporation, Corporate Identity & Brand Identity

Committee Advisor / 2003

DaeJeon Industry Design,Exhibition Management Committee Member / 2000

DaeJeon Industry Design, Exhibition Invited Artist / 2000-2005

Art Center College of Design (USA) , Graduate School Thesis Committee Member / 1998-2004

Seoul City, Web Design Evaluation Committee Member / 1999-2005

USA Environmental Design GroupFollis Design , Design Advisor / 1999-2005

JinDo Group GaYa Media, Creative Director / 1994-1995

Esquire, Marie Claire, Maison, Bazar, Cosmopolitan Magazines Planning & Directing

Chriad Communications (USA), Art Director / 1992-1994

Colima Graphics (USA), Art Director / 1990-1994

The Creative Works (USA), Graphic Designer / 1985-1987


My main Clients include

I have accomplished experience is the majority of domestic and foreign projects.

Samsung Engineering, Korea Battery, Prugio Apartment, Amore Pacific Cosmetic, Nongshim,

Sam Yang Sa, Hanbul, S.K., Esquire Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine, Maison Magazine, JinDo

Fashion, JinDo Industrial Development, Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times, SOLEC,

Hillcrest Tree, MACS, Rainbow Building Service, Lumier Cosmetic, Texas CVS, Korean Cultural

Center, Music Plus, Brown Insurance, Sea World Graphics USA, Pulmuone, CJ, NongShim, JinRo,

TaePyoungYang , Pizza Hut Korea, LG Home shopping, Moonya MoonYa, CJ Olive young,

Kolon, Korea Telecom Hitel, Asiana Airlines, Honda, Nissan Motors, Toyota, Catch One,

Suttong, Nairnet, KDD, Hitel, Paxnet ,Kangwon Land, World Cup Main Stadium ,Adidas Korea,

Sea World, Museum, Graphic, San Diego Zoo etc,


Brand Consultant of Corporations

Hanool Robotics Brand Marketing Consultant

Perikana Chicken Brand Marketing Consultant

Amore Pacific Brand Marketing Consultant

Nongshime-branding Marketing Consultant

evezary bedding Brand Consultant

Atopalm Brand Marketing Consultant

Daewoo Construction Company Brand Marketing Consultant

CJ Brand Marketing Consultant

Pulmuone Brand Marketing Consultant

KT Brand Marketing Consultant

DY Brand Marketing Consultant

Samyangsa Brand Marketing Consultant

SK DtoD Brand Marketing Consultant

Daejeon Daily Newpaper Brand Marketing Consultant

Coca Cola Brand Marketing Brand Marketing Consultant

Sunyang Brand Marketing Brand Marketing Consultant